The Louisiana Apostolic Prayer Network exists to provide alignment and networking for God’s Triumphant Reserve in Louisiana for the cause of revival and reformation in our state and nation. We are reminded in Psalm 127:1, “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…” We trust Him to continue building a house of prayer for Louisiana, to raise up an army of leaders and intercessors to advance His Kingdom throughout every area of society–business, government, family, religion, education, media, and arts and entertainment. We have included an overview of the redemptive purpose of Louisiana based on numerous prophetic words, our Governor’s Proclamation in 2012 declaring a “New Louisiana,” and a brief state history. If you are called to this assignment, may your spirit be quickened to pray and join the ranks of other prayer warriors God is raising up across the state to “stand in the gap” for Louisiana!

Louisiana’s Redemptive Purpose

God has ordained for Louisiana as a “Giver State” to release life and to birth Kingdom prototypes to influence our nation toward righteousness and to advance His Kingdom plans throughout the earth.  In the same way that in the past Louisiana has been a stronghold of evil, God desires for Louisiana to be a stronghold of righteousness, truth, and covenantal wholeness. We are the “governmental mantle state”, called of the Lord to legislate in the heavenlies with His righteous decrees and to be a light to the nation and the nations. We are to release a sound of worship that will empower the glory to expose, uproot, and overtake the darkness that has pervaded. God intends for Louisiana to be girded with His glory, for darkness to lift off our state, and for the Holy Spirit to literally invade and take over Louisiana.

LA Prayer Networks

The LAPN co-labors with other key prayer networks in Louisiana to help advance the Kingdom of God. Below are web addresses and/or email addresses that will enable you to connect with them:

Louisiana Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network
Coordinators: Mike & Sharon Forest
Email: MForest585@aol.com

Louisiana Reformation Prayer Network
Coordinator: Betsy Bilbruck
Email: betz.nola@hotmail.com