Bobby JindalUnited States of America, State of Louisiana
Governor Bobby Jindal Proclamation

WHEREAS, at this perilous and compelling time in human history it is both prudent and needful to pause and seek the mercies and intervention of Almighty God; and

WHEREAS, He has, in tender mercy and great grace, and for His eternal glory, established, preserved, and prospered the state of Louisiana for two-hundred years; and

WHEREAS, I recognize that man is limited in his ability and is dependent upon a Sovereign God; and

WHEREAS, I, as governor of the state of Louisiana, desire to see the grace of God poured out upon our land and people in order that we give God His rightful glory; that restoration, renewal, and revival will transform this state; and that the positive godly influences of our state expand beyond our borders; and

WHEREAS, I desire to see Louisiana begin her third century under the grace of God as a new state, free from pat corruption and filled with new righteousness and hope;

THEREFORE, I as Governor, on behalf of the citizens of Louisiana, in recognition and gratitude for two-hundred years of statehood granted us by the mercies and graces of the One True God, do hereby ask the Lord God to establish and bless a New Louisiana, to release His grace upon us, to cleanse and heal our land of all unrighteousness, to fill this land with His glory, and to expand the redemptive influences of our state beyond our borders so that His glory may be known through us in the earth.

(Signed by our Governor, December 18, 2012)