FlyerPicAs we’re all aware, the times are certainly testing the Church of this nation, but the opportunities for advancing the Kingdom and for harvest have never been greater. The truth is that we are at an apex of time where all of us must hear God, seize the moment, and position ourselves in new ways for the opportunities God presents. We can’t back up or become discouraged because of man’s decisions! Let’s pray and believe for a huge shift in the Church of this nation as awakening has been prophesied so many times. If you haven’t gotten your copy of Dutch Sheets book, An Appeal to Heaven, you might want to consider doing so:

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already passed the halfway mark for 2015! Thankfully the Lord has called and enabled us to transition into some new places and assignments this year! We’ve had to be willing, however, to make some changes in order to align with what He is asking us to do in the days ahead.

We are still overseeing and networking prayer for Global Advance in Rockwall, Texas. To date they have trained over 6 million frontline leaders both in the church and the marketplace. It has been an honor to come alongside this ministry for the past 15 years to help raise the level of intercession, which is the key to vision being realized. This fall we will be assisting in praying for and hosting some 40 plus leaders from nations around the world at an International Summit in Dallas, Texas where Global Advance will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

One of the major shifts in our ministry is providing apostolic alignment and encouragement for local church leaders, assisting them in transitioning more into the New Testament model of the church being built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets. (1 Cor. 12:28) The Lord has given us some amazing relationships in the last couple of years where we are being positioned to assist and pour into the lives of these leaders. We feel that mothering and fathering is high on the priority list now! The Lord has also given us amazing connections and opportunities in Europe where we are coming alongside leaders there to encourage and assist them as well.

We haven’t withdrawn from the original mission the Lord gave us in 2000 to disciple the Body, network leaders, and strengthen and equip the prayer army for transformation and reformation. But we’ve been commissioned anew with a passion to see the Body of Christ awakened to covenant, identity, destiny and inheritance through Him!

Last fall before our 50th Wedding Anniversary we were given a prophetic word through David Shibley that inspired a little booklet entitled, Our Jubilee, Your Destiny. It was based on a scriptural blessing the Lord had given us to help break captivity and unlock freedom and inheritance over the Body of Christ. We have had so many testimonies from this little booklet. At the first of the year Chuck Pierce purchased 3000 of them and sent them out in June to everyone who had given Firstfruits offerings to Glory of Zion the prior month. We have heard from numerous people who received the booklets. One of the most notable replies was from a lady in Ohio whose husband had died in 2013. They would have celebrated their Jubilee Anniversary in 2014 also. She said when she saw the booklet and read our story she felt hope began to rise in her. God began to break the spirit of grief and captivity off her life and heal her broken heart. She was again able to embrace the inheritance God has for her. Roger & I wept as we read her letter. Because you have partnered with us, you had a part in her breakthrough as well!

Finally, we want to share with you concerning the assignment God has given us with the “Jubilee IS Your Destiny Seminars.” This began to develop during our Anniversary Year. It is an all day seminar where we “team teach” to help the Body of Christ awaken to inheritance and destiny based on Luke 4:18-19. In the attached picture you can see the general outline. Our first seminar was in March at Tom Schlueter’s church in Arlington, Texas. Tom is the Director of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network. He prophesied over us that this was to go to all 50 states–we’re for sure praying over this! We submitted this word to Chuck Pierce, and he wrote, “Don’t stop! Keep moving through the gates.” Since then we’ve released it at The River Outreach Center in Pineville, Louisiana and at Covenant Love Church in Belfast, Ireland. In August we’re scheduled to be at High Impact Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We know this is a message for the Body, but the Lord knows how it’s to unfold, where, and when. We also realize that the message continues to change and expand all the time. Please pray for favor and for God’s will in all of this!

We pray for you to continue overcoming anything and everything that would come to steal your vision and destiny! As Chuck Pierce said in a recent communication, “This is not a time to shrink back, but for continuing to seek the Lord for revelation on how to move forward.” May you fully embrace and not back up from the vision God has given you. Hear, believe, and trust!

If you’re on Facebook, please connect with us by “Liking” our Jubilee Destiny Ministries Page. We’ll be posting our ministry schedule there.

Blessings as we war together for Kingdom harvest in Louisiana, the nation, and the nations!

Roger & Charlotte